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How Audi's digital-first identity looks to make branding accessible to everyone

The tool will then tell them if their mock-ups sit well within the Audi design principles and guidelines. The aim of the new tool is to make design guidelines “more approachable” for the public, says Strichpunkt, while making Audi’s visual identity “accessible to everyone”. “It is an innovation in the automotive industry, and a symbol of new open-ness,” the studio says. Audi’s “digital-first” identity first launched last April and features a stripped-back redesign of the long-standing “four rings” Audi logo, which is now a flat graphic set in either black or white, and is used without the brand name underneath it. A new “flexible” typeface family called Audi Type has been incorporated, says Strichpunkt, alongside the “simple” and “powerful” refreshed logo, and a palette of five core colours; white, black, red, aluminium silver and warm silver. A suite of line-drawn icons has also been incorporated for two main uses; to represent content on the website and app, and to represent different functions on digital screens within cars. Some icons aim to help users navigate their personal online profiles, such as a car symbol to represent “service” and a person symbol to represent “profile”. Others indicate different uses within the car, such as speedometer, car-seat and warning light symbols. The suite has been inspired by the “precise technical drawings” designed when developing Audi’s cars, says Strichpunckt, and have been drawn with “detail and precision”. The physical movement of Audi cars has also been used to inform the movement of animated content used on digital interfaces within cars and in brand films. An S-shaped curve pattern has been developed, which represents “powerful acceleration at the start, and swift deceleration at the end”, adds Strichpunkt. The identity, which continues to roll out and evolve, aims to give the Audi brand more “freedom” and “space to breathe” with its simplified logo, colour palette and sans-serif typeface, and create “consistency” across its digital platforms, says the studio. The refreshed, “digital-first” look also aims to represent how the design of cars is becoming increasingly high-tech, with the likes of self-driving vehicles, and also how people’s browsing and buying habits have shifted online. Audi estimates that it will make half of its profits from digital car sales by 2020. The branding continues to roll out across all online platforms such as Audi’s website and app, marketing materials including promotional films, and on new in-car displays.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.designweek.co.uk/issues/5-11-march-2018/audi-rebrands-taking-digital-first-identity/

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